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Travel through South East Asia

In 2014 we decided to go to South East Asia. Our real goal was to tour the temples around  Siem Reip but while there we started in Phuket, Thailand than went onto Siem Reip, Cambodia, to Luang Prabang, Laos and finally Vietnam. It was extremely hot and humid in May so be prepared but it is also somewhat quieter and very enjoyable. We also encountered very little rain.

In 2014 we visited Phuket Island in Thailand. Phuket itself is very developed and has great beaches but is just a little busy. We took a slow boat trip to Phang Nga Bay and loved it, beautiful scenery and pleasant. James Bond island while a little commercial was interesting. We also did a speed boat trip to Ko Phi Phi and surrounding islands. AVOID this trip as you speed form one spot to the next and see little. The island where "The Beach" was filmed might have been beautiful but with 50 speed boats and a thousand people it was just ugly.

Beyond question this was the highlight of our trip. We were there for a week and saw something different everyday. If you go be sure to give yourself time to see some of the lesser know temples and take time to enjoy. Easily the best way to get around is by Tuk-Tuk, cheap and pleasant.

Luang Prabang is a wonderfully quiet retreat. It is not busy and trafic is light. It is filled with Wats and Monks and surrounded by natural beauty.

In 2014 we visited Vietnam, beginning in Hanoi, to Halong Bay, to the imperial city of Hue, then the ancient port city of Hoi An before returning to Hanoi. From Hanoi we did a day trip to Tam Coc with it's karst mountains in the rice paddies.

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