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In Feb of 2023 we travelled to Panama to get away from some of our cold Canadian winter. Panama is a relatively small country so with a real varied lanscapes from beaches  on both the Pacific and Caribean coast, to rainforest near Gamboa, to a relatively high mountain range down the middle. We rented a car and traveled the length of the country down the pacific side of the mountains, traveling into the mountains on several occassions. See some images and the map of 0ur route below. We started out near Gamboa, including the famous Pipeline Road. We than went to Chitre where we saw thousands of shorebirds, many of which spend their summers with us up in Canada. We than went into the mountain area Santa Fe where we were able to see many more species. From there we went to Boca Chica again where we saw more bird species but also were able to relax on the beach and go for a sunset cruise. Next we went to Bqouette where we did some hiking and spent one night/day at Finca Lerida where we saw more species, especially differnt humingbirds. We spent one day at a private reserve called Birding Paradise where we saw many nes species. I highly recommend this place but be sure to get directions, google just got us lost. We than went to Cerro Punta and a day trip into the high mountains and again saw some species that are unique to this area. From here we went to to Valle de Anton where again we saw several unique species. This was our final stop before we went back to Panama city to prepare for our trip back to Canada.

Panama Map.jpg

On our previous travels we have taken images of birds but they were not dedicated birding trips. This one was. We did see a little wildlife, shown below, but the main goal was to see as many bird species as possible. We were lucky enough to see about 1/4 of Panama's bird species which numbers just over 1000. We have included many of these birds on this site.

The animals


Hummingbirds are only found in the Americas. They come in very unique sizes and colors. They can be challenging to photograph but are very beautiful when you catch a good shot. In Panama we saw 23 different species. Here are some of them.  


In Panama we saw 5 different species of Motmots, here they are with locations.


We saw many types of tanagers at different locations. This is just a few.


For people that are interested we are listing a bird list by area.

Saffron Finch,    Red Legged HoneyCreeper,    Green HoneyCreeper,    Summer Tanager,
Tropical Kingbird,    Great Tailed Grackle ,    Great Kiskadee ,   Yellow Warbler ,   Chestnut Sided Warbler,    Tennessee Warbler,    Bay Breasted Warbler, Plain Coloured Tanager,    PalmTanager,    Blue-Grey Tanager ,   White Shouldered Tanager,  Golden Hooded Tanager,     Summer Tanager,    Variable Seedeater,    Yellow Bellied Seedeater,  Red Crowned Woodpecker,    Lineated Woodpecker,     Cinnamon Woodpecker,    Bare-Necked Umbrella Bird,   Green Heron ,   Little Blue Heron,    Striated Heron,  Bare Throated Tiger Heron,    Tri-colored Heron,  Black Headed Vulture,     Turkey Vulture,    Osprey,    Double Tooth Kite,  Kell-Billed Toucan,    Yellow Billed Toucan,    Collared Aracari,    Tropical Mokingbird,  Southern Lapwing,   Wattled Jacana,   Muskovi Duck,     Great Kiskadee,  Claycolored Thrush,    Zone-Tailed Hawk,    Red-fronted parrots,   Great Tailed Grackle,  Streaked Flycatcher,    Social Flycatcher,    Boat Billed Flycatcher,    Toddy Flycatcher,  Lesser Eleania,   Yellow Bellied Eleania,    Tropical Kingbird,    Bay Breasted Warbler,  Red-Rumped Cacique,   Yellow-rumped Cacique,    Tennessee Warbler,   Cheastnut Sided Warbler,  Spotwinged Antbird,    Spotted Antbird,    Checker-throated Stipplethroat,    Bicolored Antbird,  Red-capped Manakin,    Buff Throated Salator,    Faciated Antshrike    Thick Billed Euphonia,  Cocoa Woodcreeper,    Plain-Brown Woodcreeper,    Black-stripped Woodcreeper,    Northern Barred Woodcreeper,  Saffron Finch,    Red Legged HoneyCreeper ,   Green HoneyCreeper,    Yellow Warbler, Cheastnut Backed Antbird,  Common Sandpiper, Grey Breasted Martin

Yellow Headed Caracara,,    Crested Caracara,   Turkey Vulture,   Snail kite,   Limpkin,  Great Egret,   Cattle Egret    Glossy Ibis,    White Ibis,  Ruddy Ground Dove,   Grackle,    Wattle Jacana,  Magnicant Frigitbird,  Yellow Crowned Night Heron,    Tricolored Heron,    Little Blue Heron,    Anhinga,  Brown Pelican,    Black Knecked Stilt,    Long Billed Curlew,   Neotropical Comorant,  Lauging Gull,   Short Billed Dowitcher,    Marbled Godwit,    Royal Tern  Yellow Tipped Tern,    Spotted Sandpiper,    Whimbrel ,   Sanderlings,   Scaly Breasted Humingbird,  Purple Martin (juvenile)           

Santa Fe            
Brown Throated Parakeet,    Blue Headed Parrot,    Orange Chinned Parakeet ,   Yellow Crowned Parrot,  Boat-billed Flycatcher,  Ochre-bellied Flycatcher,    Social Flycatcher,   Panama Flycatcher,   Great Crested Flycatcher,  Squirrel Cuckoo,    Clay Colored Thrush,     Great Kiskadee,   Black Cheeked Woodpecker,  White Hawk,    Black Hawk Eagle,    Broad Winged Hawk,    Swallow-tailed Kite,  Silver Throated Tanager,    Emerald Tanger ,   Speckled Tanager,    Bay Headed Tanager,  Flame Rumped Tanager,    Lessor Eleania,    Yellow Bellied Eleania,    Black Headed Saltator,  Green-fronted Lancebill,    Snowy-bellied Humingbird,   Longbilled  Starthroat,    Rufous Tailed Humingbird,  Violet-headed humingbird,  Southern Lapwing,    Boat Billed Flycatcher,    Lineated Woodpecker,  Yellow-faced Grassquit,    Lessons Motmot,    Red Crowned Woodpecker,    White Wiskered Puffbird,  Keel-billed Toucan,    Blue Capped Manikin,    Yellow Green Vireo,    White tipped Dove,  Smooth-Billed Ani            

Boca Chica            
Little Blue Heron,    Bare Throated Tiger heron,    Tricolored Heron,    Great Blue Heron,
Snowy Egret,    Great Egret,    White Ibis,   Roseate Spoonbill,  Great -tailed grackle,   Mangrove Black Hawk ,   Brown Pelican,    Anhinga,  Mangrove Yellow Warbler,    Blue Ground Dove,     Red-legged Honey Creeper,   Yellow Throated Euphonia,  Smooth Billed Ani,   Tropical kingbird,    Isthmian Wren,    Yellow Headed Caracara,  Yellow Bellied Elanania,    Brown-throated Parrots        

Green Throated Mountain Gem,    White Throated Mountain Gem,    Rufous Tailed Huningbird,   Lessor Purple Violetear,  Silver Throated Tanager,    Common Bush Tamager,   Spangle Cheeked Tanager,    Buff Rumped Tanager,  White Throated Thrush,    Spot Crowned Woodcreeper,    Olivaseous Flatbill,    Slate Throated Redstart,  Replendant Quetzal,    Philadelphia Vieo,    Harry Woodpecker,    Rufous Collared Sparrow, Wilson Warbler,    Golden Crowned Warbler,    Tenesee Warbler,    Orange Billed Sparrow,
Grey Capped Flycatcher,    Yellowish Flycatcher,    Tufted Flycatcher ,   Social flycatcher,
Pyriatic Flycatcher,    Panama Flycatcher,    Slaty Flower Piercer,    Great Egret,
Muskovy Duck            

Birding Paradise            
Garden Emarald,    Scaly Brested Humingbird,   Snowy Bellied Humingbird,    Lessons Motmot,  Grey Cowled Woodrail,    Grey headed Chachalaca,   Blue Headed Parrot,    Crested Guan,  Cheastnut Capped Warbler,    Stripped Salator,    Buff Throated Salator,    Mistletoe Tyranulet,  Orange Brested Manakin,    Blue Capped Manikin,    Yellow Bellied Elaenia,    Grey Headed Elania,  Scaled Pigeon,    White Tipped Dove,    Streakheaded Woodcreeper,   Clay Colored Thrush,  Greater Kiskadee,    Giant Cowbird,    Ruddy Brested Seadeater,   Streaky Seedeater,  Rose brested Grosbeak,    Scarlet Thighed Danicis,  Elagant Euphonia,    Greenish Eleania,  Slaty Spinetail,    Laughing Falcon,    Rose Throated Bicard,   White Winged Bicard,  Blue-black Grassquit,    Bananaquit,     Crested Orapendula,    Olivaceous Pickulet,  Rufous Brested Wren,    Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrent,    Tropical Kingbird,    Mockinbird,  Golden Hooded Tanager,    Scarlet Rumped Tanager,   Squirrel Cuckoo,   Yellow Throated Euphonia,  Red Legged Honey Creeper                       

Finca Lerida            
Lessor Violeteer,    Stripe-tailed Humingbird,    Scintallant Humingbird,    Rufous-tailed Humingbird,  Buff Bellied Humingbird,    Snowy-bellied Humingbird,    White Tailed Emarald,  3-wattled Bellbird,    Slaty Flower Piercer,    Yellow Faced Grassquit,    Rufous Collared Sparrow,  Flame colored Tanager,    Cheastnut-capped Brush Finch,    Wilsons Warbler,    Lesser Goldfinch,  Thick-billed euphonia,    Yellowish Flycather,   Red-faced Spinetail,    Red-headed Barbet,  Collared Trogan ,   Northern Tufted Flycatcher,    Yellow-throated Euphonia,    Greater Kiskadee,  Blue and White Swallow, Ringed Kingfisher           

Cerro Punta/Volcan Lakes            
Fiery Throated Humingbird,    Talamanca Humingbird,    White-throated Mountain Gem,    Violet Saberwing,  Lessor Violeteer,    Stripe-tailed Humingbird,   Snowy-bellied Humingbird,    Volcano Humingbird,  Yellow-thighed Finch,    Large-footed finch,   Cheastnut-capped Brush Finch,    Wrenthrush,  Black-cheeked Warbler,    Flame-throated Warbler,    Black and White Warbler,   Tenessee Warbler,  Golden Crowned Warbler,    Plain Xenops,    Barred Becard,    Red-breasted Grossbeak,  Ruddy-capped Nightengale Thrush,    Sooty Thrush,    Prong-billed Barbet,   Yellow-headed Caracara,
Palm Tanager,    Summer Tanager,   Scarlet-rumped Tanager,    Flame-colored Tanager,
Golden-headed Tanager,    Black-chested Jay,    Coots,    Common Moorhen,  Northern Jacana,    Warbling Vireo,    Yellow-bellied Elaenia,   Great Egret,  Black Phobe,    Northern Waterthrush,    Grebe,    Slate-throated Redstart,  Rufous Collared Sparrow,    Lessor Goldfinch,    Roadside Hawk,    Baltimore Oriole,  House Wren,    Yellowish Flycatcher        

Valle de Anton            
Golden Collared Manakin,    Blue-headed Parrot,   Bananaquit,   Crested Orapendula,
Cheastnut-headed Orapendula,    Black-chested Jay,    Spot-crowned Barbet,    Buff-rumped Warbler,  Mourning Warbler,    Clay-colored Thrush,    Plain Antvireo,    Tawny-capped Euphonia,  Streaked Salator,    Barred Antshrike,    Keel-billed Toucan,    Streak-chested Antipita,  Olivaceous Piculet,    White-tipped Sicklebill,    Band-tailed Barbthroat, Humingbird,    MistletoeTyranulet,  Sepia-capped Flycatcher,  Swallow-tailed Kite,    Tody Motmot,    Hepatic Tanager,  White-bellied Thrush ,   Ruddy Ground Dove ,   Tennesse Warbler ,   Social Flycatcher,  Rufous-crested Coquette,    Snow-capped Humingbird ,   Red-crowned Woodpecker,    Yellow-capped Euphonia,
White-flanked Antwren,    Red-legged Honeycreeper        

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