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Travel through South America in Pictures

In 2009 we travel to Bolivia to a development project. From Santa Cruz, Bolivia we flew Cuzco. We spent a day in Cuzco than hired a car to travel through the Sacred Valley than caught a train to Machu Pichu. We spent 2 days something i highly recommend as on day 1 fog covered the ruins all day making photography impossible but day 2 was great. It really is a magical place. We than flew back to Bolivia and took a bus to Northern Argentina. I do not recommend this as we were searched 3 times and many delays. In Argentina we got many pictures of birds and insects. On another trip we spent a month travelling through the many sites in Ecuador.

In 2013 we spent a month in Turkey. We flew into Istanbul and spent 4 days, flew to Pamukale and visited the ancient mineral springs. Drove to Aphrodisias then on to Epesus where we stayed over night so we could beat crowds by getting there early. Next we drove down the coast with stops in Prienne, Miletus, Didim, Dalyan, Bodrum and eventually Patara. Patara was a joy visited near by ancient sites and some beautiful beaches. Then boarded a Blue Cruise ending in Olympos. Next stopped in Anatalya with an incredible museum before driving to Side with stops in Perge and Aspendos. Finally drove along a beautiful coast with stops in Anamur and KizKalesi to see their castles before ending in Capadocia where we ended our holiday. 


We flew into Shanghai and from there to Gulin. Fortunately we had prearranged for a car as flights were delayed and we arrived at midnight. Be aware that English is not common particularily in rural areas. We hired a local guide and had a wonderful time touring the loacl Karst Mountains.

Next we flew to Xian, flying in China is relatively cheap. Xian is the nearest center to the Terracotta Warriors but worth a visit for it's own sights. Including the wall, the mosque, the bell and drum towers.

Finally we flew to Bejing with sights like the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and the wonderful Lake District. We also arranged an overnight visit camping on the Great Wall from Bejing.


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Iguassu Falls


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